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My Name is Ben Greene, and I am Transgender.

It took me years to be able to say those words comfortably and proudly, but now that I've started, I can't stop. When I first came out seven years ago, I never imagined I would find joy and success as a trans person. I was isolated, anxious, and depressed. Now, I'm an international speaker living out my passion for educating others with kindness and empathy to empower active allies of the transgender community. 

Let's do Something Together.

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Consulting

I will work with you to create a custom strategy for improving your workplace inclusion. This may include company-wide assessments, reviewing your website and materials for inclusive language, developing trainings, or other solutions that make sense for your team.

Speaking and Storytelling

I am available to speak at your group's next event about my experiences, struggles, triumphs, and lessons drawn as a transgender man. I have spoken at conferences and events including TEDx, Diversity Live!, DisruptHRPh. Creative, Hummingbird Humanity, and more!

One-on-One Mentorship

One of the most rewarding parts of my career is getting to help guide others through the transitions of their family members, friends, or even themselves. Everyone deserves to feel safe, understood, and accepted, and my goal is to help create these safe spaces however I can. In these conversations, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

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