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PFLAG and Non-Profit Work

In February of 2022, under the ever-increasing weight of the anti-transgender legislature, I found myself asking "how did we get here?" for what felt like the hundredth time. As I dug deeper into the bills, and into the questions I so often received about these bills in emails, messages, and at live events, I began to see connecting threads. Though many more people were hearing about the transgender community due to incredible increases in visibility, they were not learning about the transgender community in tandem with that visibility. The lack of education, as well as very intentional efforts by some to spread disinformation, were easily turned into fear and anger against my community. 

In trying to decide how to help, I realized that I could be using my ability to educate as my way to fight back, and I was struck with what felt like a crazy idea: I should reach out to every single PFLAG chapter to see if they'd like to do a free event to help educate members of their community. I expected to receive 10, 15 responses, instead, I heard back from over 100 (and counting!) and have embarked on a journey of meeting with parents and families of LGBTQ+ people all over the country. I'll be keeping track of my PFLAG journey across the country, and if you are a part of a PFLAG or other LGBTQ+ youth or parent support group that would like to partner for an event please reach out!

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