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One-on-One Mentorship

If you would like to talk to me more informally, here's your chance! I am available most afternoons to go "out to lunch" and talk about anything you'd like. If you are looking for formal business consulting, it's best to reach out through Speeches and Consulting. These meetings are to ask questions about your own identity, supporting someone you love, or finally finding an answer to the questions google wasn't quite helpful enough to work out. 

Throughout my transition, people have come to me with questions that range from "how can I support my daughter?" to "what does transgender mean?" to "I heard you can help me." Nothing in my life brings me as much joy as being able to say "yes, I can help you." Which is why I created this program. 

It is important to remember that am not a licensed mental health worker and am not able to serve in that capacity. Imagine me as your "trans older brother." Anything you'd go to an older brother for, I'm more than happy to serve as that resource for you or your family. 

Money should never be an obstacle to education, so payment is optional and whatever you feel comfortable with. You don't have to decide what you'd like to do until after we've met. That being said, this is my job and your support is what allows me to continue offering this service and supporting as many people as possible. If you have the means, any amount is greatly appreciated. 

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