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Pre-Orders Now Available!

Pre-orders are available at many major bookstores, including (hopefully) your favorite local independent bookstore! All locations will have the same release date, so order from wherever you'd like! 

Wondering why pre-orders matter? Check out this FAQ! 

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Barnes & Noble:

Why Preorder?

1. Preorders signal to the publisher there will be interest in the books and they can plan print runs to meet demands. 

2. Preorders build buzz and encourage larger orders (including orders to highlight on physical shelves) from big retailers
3. Preorders count as first week sales, which allow books to reach bestseller lists and guarantee continued sales and publicity. 
4. Supporting independent bookstores is always a win, and it helps build awareness of books around the country.  
5. Having multiple preorder links available ensures that I have a wide range of bookseller connections and helps the book become successful!

*Want to learn more about preorders? Check out this great guide from Read with River


Like what you see? Interested in making a group pre-order? Curious about partnering together for a project? Reach out to me via the contact page, or send me an email!

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